Giving You “Something New” for 2018: R&B Singer Zae Cheeba

In 2017 we witnessed R&B take it to the next level. For instance, Eric Bellinger released two EPs and ended the year with a flurry of E-Mixes that gave songs like “That’s What I Like”, “Love Galore”, and “Redbone” a new, refreshing sound. An R&B singer we found from the east coast does exactly that, and gives his own twist to today’s popular music. Meet Zae Cheeba.

Zae travels between North Carolina and Connecticut, yet resonates deeply with R&B from all across the United States (especially the west coast). Being influenced by artists like Mila J, Eric Bellinger, and Ty Dolla $ign, Cheeba ended the year by bringing “Something New” to the table. This record presents a cooler twist to its original version (by Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign), while the NC-singer goes in on the Ayo n Keyz-produced track (the same duo who produced many of Eric Bellinger’s E-Mixes).

He’s also managed to remix a remix. ATL-singer Summerella released a soulful rendition to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” in the last quarter of 2017, which garnered over 1 million plays on Soundcloud. Zae, who also lists Summerella as one of his influences, inputted himself into the final verse of “Bodak Rella” and calls it “Bodak Cheeba“.

Remixing isn’t Zae Cheeba’s only forte, however. Just in time on Christmas Day he released his single called “WishList“. The cover art is a vintage photo of him and his mother, and the song itself explains how his mother’s only wish is to have her son home for the holiday.

R&B is a must-have for any music lover, and Zae Cheeba is a good person to keep your eyes and ears open for in 2018. With one of his first tweets of the year hyping up a successful year for himself, we’re hoping that Zae releases more remixes and singles of his own.

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