Yung Heazy is the Devilish Love Figure You’ll Fall Hard For, Lyrically

Not much is posted about artist Yung Heazy other then his government name, Jordan Heaney, on SoundCloud. However, despite his social media presence or lack thereof, he is quickly rising as an artist with over 2 million streams on YouTube for his song “Cuz You’re My Girl” and a couple thousand via Soundcloud and Spotify for his other singles.

He poetically describes love metaphorically as a mirror; it’s a reflection of you and your partner passion and love language on “Cuz You’re My Girl”.

He then dives into more metaphors for his relationship feelings. On Girl, I’ll Take U Anywhere” his lover is the rock in the relationship; someone who can easily calm him down and change his days for the better.

You’re the powder in my gun / When I shoot off my mouth or get angry with anyone / You’re the flip-side of a frown/ When I misbehave, you help me stand my ground / But the feeling / Overcomes my mind until I wanna die / But your teasing / Like a trembling to the heart, you bring me back to life

On “Anytime of The Year he explains his ability to cope with pain that comes with a long-distance relationship. His secret? It’s simply love.

As a collection of his experiences in a relationship, you simply have to maintain optimism despite any hardships that arrive amongst you and your partner. Love definitely prevails if you believe Yung Heazy.

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