YONAS Fosters Optimism on ‘I’m Good’ Music Video, Return of XV

Scrolling through the countless underground hip-hop on my iPhone led me back to one of my favorite rappers of all time: Donavan LaMond Johnson, better known as XV. The Wichita rapper was known for being the nerdy video game rapper who broke the stigma, and made it look cool in hip-hop. Though he formulated classic mixtapes like Zero HeroesPopular Culture, and even made it on NBA 2K12’s soundtrack with his single ‘Awesome,’ he unexpectedly disappeared into the abyss and took a break from the rap game.

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Immediately after listening to some of my favorites from Vizzy, I was searching the Internet to see if any news came up about him. I ended up on his Twitter account and found a tweet he favorited – a music video to YONAS’ ‘I’m Good’ that features XV himself.

My mind blew up because I noticed that the tweet was fairly recent. I viewed the ‘I’m Good’ music video and discovered that YONAS is actually someone that fits my musical taste. With a message that exemplifies YONAS’ carefree and optimistic lifestyle, and a cosign from one of my favorites, it was easy to get on board with a chorus that goes:

“I didn’t pay my rent today/ It’s so strange, cus I don’t even really know why, but I’m good/ I think I’d rather throw them ones up, spend it all at the strip club/ And I don’t even really know why, but I’m good.”

The fun, charismatic single gives a break from today’s chaos. The two extremes of hip-hop today include the socially conscious side, and the club bangers, which includes mumble rap. ‘I’m Good’ lies between the two extremes and proves that rappers are still capable of making music that emanates the enjoyment from the simplicity of life.

Hopefully XV will be making a comeback in the near future. Until then, YONAS began is #SummerMonDaze where he’ll be releasing a new song every Monday during Summer 2017.

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