Welcome to the Yeek Show, Yeek’s Instagram Live Sessions

Los Angeles based artist Yeek ends his “Love Slacker” tour in California, New York and his hometown Florida. If you attended one of his shows, you got a mixture of his own DJ sets, playing on his electric guitar, and even singing over punk instrumentals in one session.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Since the tour ended he has been able to interact with his fans via Instagram Live, and has coined his live sessions as the #YeekShow. If you have tuned in during any these sessions you were able to see his DJ mixes, practiced footwork for his live performances and also hear exclusive songs off his new album, which has no set release date.

Recently, on the #YeekShow you were able to watch a sneak peek for his music video “I’m Not Ready,” which was partially filmed during Emo Night at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. The irony of it is that the song’s lyrics describe him at Emo Night before he was ever a performer there:

“I’m at the Echoplex & it’s emo night
Barely got dough, but it’s alright
Cop a PBR for the low all night
But I gotta show love to my homie Bud Light…

Never seen a girl twerk to Fall Out Boy
She a lonely girl with all them toys
Never seen a girl twerk to dashboard
Confession: I wanna see that ass more”

Even though the official music video for “I’m Not Ready” is not available to the public, Emo Night showcased his song on their YouTube vlog at 2:56.

And a snippet of the crowd’s perspective was featured on The Lunch Table’s Instagram.

Our intern @not_matthew chillin with @imyeek at Emonight #thelunchtable

A video posted by The Lunch Table (@thelunchtabletalks) on

With the #YeekShow being an Instagram exclusive for fans to interact with Yeek, we are yet to see other artists like who showcase live sessions. Be on the lookout for the music video for “I’m Not Ready” and Yeek’s new album, which is rumored to release around March.

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