Yeek’s ‘Blackheart’ EP Explains Fatigue From Love

When you suffer from depression, heartbreak and a lack of a love, you tend to feel worn down. Your emotions are distorted and your heart doesn’t really feel the same. Blackheart by Yeek is a 5-track EP that captivates a moody-emo filtered tone of being worn out of depression.

Following Sebastian, Yeek’s newest 2018 project Blackheart is a genre blended mix between alternative rock and a hip hop that explains his viewpoint on love; how tired you can get in a relationship when your career is your first priority.

On Love & Fame” Yeek relates his similarities on his life quest to find a meaningful relationship and relates difficulty similar of trying to become famous.

“Sick and tired, of being sick / Trying to cop a little ice on my wrist / Need a check, need a house, need a bitch”

The single “Slept On” is about being overlooked when it comes to your crush . The song is about acting like you don’t care that your crush is not thinking about you. With the help from Robin Daylan the song has a relatable male and female perspective of desire.

“Alive” is finding meaningful relationships while your alive, even though there is an expiration date.

“Momma I told you, serious aint my thing / But I could hold you, Just don’t expect wedding rings / Girl i’m a savage, Or am i just damaged / Whatever it is don’t trip on me babe”

The whole point of the song is that as long as you make an effort towards maintaining the relationship when one of you is feeling down, you impacted someone while your alive.

“Stuck by my side even when I was down / That’s the whole reason i kept you around”

“Bed” is simplistic and is just about thinking of someone you desire while your laying in bed.

“I’m still in your head / Lying down in your bed”

“Blood Shot” has two meanings one being that after you have emotional heartbreak you end up crying your eyes out. The second as the song describes overdosing alcohol and drugs to hide the pain. The song also describes Yeek traveling to Tokyo, NYC and LA and how he feels lost.

The point is this; When you chase surface level dreams you tend to get lost in the sauce. You can’t let the sauce take over you and know that you mean much more than these small ambitions. This album describes the emotional turmoil of trying your best but not succeeding. It is an album for anyone who feels lost in their quest for love.

By allowing his vulnerability to be depicted in Blackheart, Yeek differentiates himself as an honest artist who’s okay with being in his feelings. He’s one of the first artists I’ve heard who focuses an entire project about love and the trials and tribulations that come with it. By blending hip hop and alternative rock, he’s going to change the culture of how we imbibe emo music.

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