YBN Cordae Critiques J. Cole’s Generation on “Old N*ggas” (“1985” Response)

J. Cole’s 5th studio album KOD is on its way to becoming his best album for his perception on addiction — a timeless part of humanity that can literally be relatable today, tomorrow, and what came before us. The final track “1985” is Cole’s advisory track to the young up-and-comers in hip hop, explaining that eventually their persona will age just as their fans do.

Fans were speculating that the Dreamville founder was targeting Lil Pump and Smokepurrp, who eventually influenced his fans to scream “Fuck J. Cole” at a show. However, Cole explained that the final track of KOD sizes up whoever fits the shoe.

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YBN Cordae’s shoe size was equivalent enough to run a response track to J. Cole. “Old N*ggas” is an insightful response that reveals how Millennials feel about the crack babies. He knows Cole isn’t aware about each individual rapper’s situations, and throws shade because of his seemingly judgmental lyrics. Though Jermaine explains that he was once in their shoes, Cordae feels his past and Cole’s past aren’t totally synonymous.

This is a great response. YBN Cordae further establishes himself as a well-thought out lyricist (just as he did on his remix to Eminem’s “My Name Is”). So what I don’t particularly understand is why he feels like he was targeted on “1985“. He doesn’t sound like anyone, who I believe, Cole is referring to on the track.

Old N*ggas” might just be a marketing tactic for Cordae to get some views, or he wants to solidify himself as the leader of the newer generation with a response that will indefinitely be unmatched by his peers. Either way I enjoyed his response. Especially for the Cole fans like myself, keep an open mind.

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