Introducing the “Worlds Greatest”, Sultan Mir & Recognize Ali

When thinking of the World’s Greatest the first person to come to mind may be R. Kelly during his Chocolate Factory days in 2003. Let’s take his idea for a second, sprinkle in classical boom bap beats, and a dope emcee from Ghana to relinquish the crown from Kells.

Story | Nico Blitz

Image | Fresk Tire, Behance

Introducing Las Vegas producer Sultan Mir and Ghanaian rapper Recognize Ali, who released their first single “Worlds Greatest” off their upcoming project Too Visible To See. This single features a soulful sample, in addition to harmonic vocals from Davenport Grimes on the chorus.

Throughout the song, Ali makes a point for the competition to recognize his presence in the game. He exemplifies his credibility through imagery and a beyond average nursery rhyme scheme.

“A rifle and a white flag for the opposition/I kill competition, write the finest compositions/So saying you better than me is a contradiction”

So what’s to come on Too Visible To See? We’re expecting the project to be conscious and geared toward the self-recognition Ali sees in himself and the world around him. This upcoming album will be featuring artists like Planet Asia, DJ TMB, DJ Tray and more.

Too Visible To See is set to release on September 20 via Bandcamp.

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