How YouTube Helped William Singe Reinvent Himself as a Solo Artist

It’s not uncommon to see rap artists break away from their musical groups after gaining a name for themselves (i.e. Migos and Quavo), but for William Singe, he saw the benefits of separating himself before The Collective released their second studio album.

Story | Sara Loretta

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Singe, an Australian born artist had joined The Collective, a pop band made for radio, and took the group to The X Factor Australia in 2012, winning third overall in the competition. In response, Sony offered Singe and his group a record deal; which in turn they would release a handful of singles and one official album that only made the group sound like another Big Time Rush, instead of the next big thing.

After leaving the group, William Singe took to Youtube to connect with fans he acquired during The X Factor, and pursue R&B as a solo artist. Fast forward five years and Singe is now one of the top remix/cover artists on the media platform. He has covered everything from “Wild Thoughts” and “Maria, Maria” to “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah; the first being my favorite remix of his because it can be played as it’s own track even though it’s a mashup.

Recently he even released a mashup of top 2017 rap and R&B tracks, which is how I found William Singe in the first place, as this video is the first result under “Rap Covers” searched in Youtube.

In between releasing videos that show Singe creating the instrumental and then recording his vocals over it, William has obtained a record deal and released his first studio single through RCA Records titled “Rush”, which is a play on the 90’s pop song “Crush” by Jennifer Paige.

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Haters I’m sure will say he stole her track, but William Singe has made an entire career out of covering other artists and remixing them with similar musicians of our generation. Personally I think his whole artistry is pretty awesome.

I’m curious to see if William Singe will sustain a career in covering his idols or if he will begin writing all original content to savor his record deal with RCA. But until then, you can enjoy his music on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

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