Why Wait | Gavlyn’s Love Story Between Herself and Hip-Hop

With trap beats and incomprehensible lyrics continuing to rise in a culture that moves incredibly fast, its difficult to be patient for artists who can execute slick rhymes, conscious raps, and personal experiences that touch people on a nationwide scale. But Gavlyn asks the question, why wait?

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Los Angeles based rapper, and Movement Organized Threat and Broken Complex member Gavlyn, blesses the microphone with her album Why Wait — a story based on the emcee’s position against selling out as an artist. A reoccurring scene appears throughout the album, where Gavlyn speaks to a record company executive who’s only willing to sign her if she switches up her style. The album features Philadelphia native Demrick, and singer/guitarist Dale Spollett.

However, Gavlyn isn’t one for defying her craft of spitting her personal stories and experiences. In fact, the first song “Play The Villain” describes the idea she’s a villain in Hip-Hop — a rapper who strays away from mainstream ideologies, and keeps it consistent with personal interests.

“Never put your faith in someone else’s hands, that’s one thing I learned formulating new plans/You gotta fall back and do you, that’s first and foremostly/Got too many side dudes who worry bout a strategy”

“Play The Villain” sets up momentum for the rest of the album, where the Los Angeles prodigy immediately responds to her own song with “No Backpacks” — a conscious rap piece that simultaneously contradicts and agrees with her ideas on “Play The Villain”.

A mainstream topic surrounds weed smoking. Gavlyn invites us to her mind as a weed smoker, but portrays her thoughts in a way different from typical marijuana raps. As opposed to speaking on the potency of her marijuana, or popularizing it as a party drug, she’s focused on her thoughts with her special someone.

“Only taking one hit so I can have a conversation/Exchange words with you though I don’t understand these statements, but I’m tryna take it slow”

Although, instead of thinking of this ‘special someone’ she’s speaking about, replace this ‘special someone’ with the general Hip-Hop game — personified by the record company executive.

She starts off the album by saying she’s willing to play the bad guy in the relationship — meaning between her and Hip-Hop, she’s willing to take the blame if Hip-Hop looks bad because of her determination to stray away from mainstream raps. Throughout the album, she’s expressing her challenges to uphold the relationship because she’s able to rap about mainstream topics, but won’t allow herself to taint her style in the process. By the time the album ends with “All I Know”, we find out Hip-Hop is being held down by mainstream raps, which implies that Hip-Hop needs her more than she needs it.

In other words, it’s a love story between Gavlyn and Hip-Hop. And as Gavlyn said “fall back and do you”, she’s surely made a statement to keep the momentum going by sticking true to her roots.

Why Wait is available on iTunes.

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