White House Freestyle Session with POTUS and Lin-Manuel Miranda


The star and creator of the musical ‘Hamilton’, Lin-Manuel Miranda, was invited by President Barack Obama to the White House with the intent to create a viral video for rapaholics to enjoy.

Story: Nico Blitz // @nicoakablitz

Photos: NBC News

Apparently this wasn’t the first instance in which Obama was impressed by the ‘Hamilton’ creator. He saw the musical once on July 18, and helped himself to an encore presentation this past November.

Meshed together with a single set of drums, and President Obama’s mystery word cards, Miranda was able to pull off a freestyle that may compete with Kendrick Lamar’s Halloween freestyle.

Credit: Youtube.com/TheWhiteHouse

Credit: Youtube.com/K104


You be the judge. Who’s better? Lin-Manuel Miranda or Kendrick Lamar?

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