“Whenever” | Russ’ Advice on Modern Dating

Modern day breakups suck and are often portrayed as selfish acts that encourage individualism, neglect human connection, and limit perceptions of collective growth. The social norm for having a romantic partner is that the love is bound to fade away, leaving both parties bitter because the relationship did last “forever”.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Atlanta rapper Russ released his latest single “Whenever”, describing his impression about first dates, modern romance, and society’s definition of present day dating.

“Whenever” challenges the status quo of first dates — a test for compatibility instead of understanding another person’s intentions for maintaining a relationship.

By using this assumption of individualism you are anticipating more dating options and bargaining if the relationship is worth your time and effort, meaning one views the relationship to be failing before it even began.

“Why is every first date like an interview/Why do I have to take you out to prove I’m into you/Why do I have to trust to to find out if I can”

Russ’ impression about modern day relationships implies that people come and go out of your life very quickly and easily — anticipating the current relationship to end before the next one begins. Even though forever is not realistic, this should not stop meaningful connections and relationships that you are allowed to have.

“Forever ain’t forever/Let’s just kick it till whenever”

As an ode to lost lovers that ended prematurely, “Whenever” describes the idea of being with another individual is still comforting and should not stop meaningful relationships, though forever is realistically an unobtainable goal.

It invites us to reconsider the dating social norm, and view relationships to be a collective effort instead of putting the blame early on the dating phase of a relationship.

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