Wale Says ‘It’s Complicated’ When it Comes to Relationships in his EP

I was going through my daily rounds of new music and noticed that Wale was trending. To everyone’s surprise, the DMV rapper released an unprecedented EP titled It’s Complicated, which explains his take on interpersonal and self-relationships.

The 13-minute EP starts with the title track where Folarin tackles people’s desire for internet clout, which is an immediate turn off for him. Though Jay-Z and Beyonce still sit on the throne as the ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, Wale taps in with Jacquees on “Black Bonnie” where it explains that maturity in a relationship is the key to its success. I would also like to note that this track is produced by Ayo & Keyz, the same producers of Eric Bellinger‘s E-Mixes.

Yeah, the older you get, man, more you appreciate know
The real babes
They don’t get offended when you say shit

My favorite track would have to be “Let It Go“. I gravitated heavily towards the beat, but found his confession interesting; the difficulties of having a relationship when your business rules your world is hella complicated.

Life is really complex, and for Wale effectively serves his due diligence to anyone feeling the same about relationships. Listen to It’s Complicated below:

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