“US” by Phay | A Story of Domestic and International Hardship

Atlanta rapper Phay debuted his newest single, “US” from his upcoming project Mama.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Phay debuted the single on SoundCloud but then quickly spread the word to all of his Twitter followers with the caption “Tell us your story.”

Since its release, “US” has accumulated almost 19,000 plays on SoundCloud.

Though the beat is upbeat and bubbly, the topics referenced in the song can hit pretty close to home to many people living in the United States today. One topic in particular is seen again and again throughout the song; that topic being immigration.

We first come into contact with the topic of immigration in the cover art of the single. Pictured on the cover is what looks to be a young boy holding a gun to the backs of two men wearing headdresses.

Immigration is then referenced in the hook of the song.

They came to the U.S.
They came to the U.S. so they can be
Proud of us, us, us (x8)

In between the hooks, Phay spits lyrics that talk about hard times to be had in the big cities of America and that though these hard times can be tough, you can still make something out of yourself, no matter if you originated here or not.

He moved to Chicago
Would have thought he hit the lotto
With a one-way ticket into hundred bucks
And that motherfucker tripping
He thought that he would be whipping
Did I mention that he rode the bus?

This verse in particular highlights the stipulation that surrounds the American Dream. People often move to this country thinking their lives will do a complete 180 when they step foot onto American soil when it reality, many people, Americans or not, have to work hard to get where they want to be.

Everyone has a story. Whether that story starts here or somewhere else in the world, you can make yourself into whatever you want as long as you have the determination to do so.

Mama is set to release on October 15, 2016.

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