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Kendrick Lamar shocked the world with his release of “untitled unmastered.”, which blossomed into the world due to his Twitter followers, one including LeBron James, reacting to his phenomenal performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards ceremony.

Story By: Nico Blitz

Image: Topdawg, Aftermath, Interscope

When first listening to the album, the vibe was immediately recognized; this album was the tracklist of songs that were unable to make the cut for To Pimp A Butterfly, considering the funkadelic, jazzy, smooth yet hardcore imagery of the ongoing battle between Kendrick and Lucy.

Soon after, Lamar posted on his Instagram page the album cover with a caption that read

“Demos from To Pimp A Butterfly. In Raw Form. Unfinished. Untitled. Unmastered.”

Now, King Kendrick is holding a contest for all the RapGenius-like contributors for a chance to win some cool swag. All submissions are due at 4:00PM PST.



Listening to Kendrick always gives me the chills, but there was a reason these songs were not cut out to be on the platinum selling To Pimp A Butterfly. I went through my first listen without any expectations since I knew this was work that he initially did not think was his best.

Though I did acquire a new favorite, “untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.”, which I may add would go well after “King Kunta”, the album did not catch me the same way his previous projects did. I wasn’t able to sit through the album in its entirety without stopping and that’s simply because it didn’t flow.

It lacked storytelling; the initial story of Kendrick Lamar finding himself through the constant trials and tribulations of alcoholism to the lack of money, to the national problems of black on black violence and hypocrisy. If the songs were set somewhere in between To Pimp A Butterfly to match his story correctly, then the untitled unmastered. would have been more effective.

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