“Tsunami” by Kevin Clarke | Swimming Through A New Wave of R&B

A new wave of R&B is rising – one that fuses Hip Hop’s sampling, bass, and personality. Reason why personality is thrown in the mix is because contemporary R&B artists disguise their likes with what society likes. So when I mention the name Kevin Clarke, best believe he throws his true self into his music.

Story | Nico Blitz

“Tsunami” by Kevin Clarke is the first single off his debut EP Idle. Directed by Jawney Quest, “Tsunami” is a reflection of Kevin Clarke’s love for anime. The visual puts you in a full relaxation stage, while enticing you to chase after your crush.

The Los Angeles native is adamant about pursuing what you love. “Tsunami” talks about his never-ending pursuit of his crush, something that most people in today’s society won’t admit.

One topic that rises from “Tsunami” is that, despite its crash – a metaphor used to describe Clarke’s denial from the women he pursues – it’ll come back for more. Waves will eternally return back to shore. Tsunamis begin as little waves, which eventually make their way as enormous walls when confronting the shore.

Think of it this way: the pursuit of your crush begins where the wave begins. Eventually, when it’s time for you to actually say something to that person there’s a 50 percent change you’ll achieve your goal, or your heart will go crashing down. Just like a tsunami, love can be destructive when you anticipated something much different.

The tsunami metaphor is a perfect example of what contemporary dating is like: people overly eager for love/sex, and the other half with a muse for individualism. But for those in the same boat as Kevin Clarke who aren’t afraid to pursue love, you’ve been blessed with a lot of patience.

Kevin Clarke’s Idle EP is available to stream on his Soundcloud.

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