SiR Releases Music Video to “Tricky” to Express Dangers of Love

New relationships can always be a little bit tricky. Falling deep too quickly into the unknown historically leads to negative repercussions. Inglewood, California singer and songwriter SiR puts his experiences into a music video to his single “Tricky” as a warning for those who may linger into the unknown.

Story | Nico Blitz

Love itself is simply black and white. Two people require particular lifelong commodities, and it’s up to them to match their needs with the other. However, not many see it that same way.

Love becomes tricky when you confuse your ‘wants’ and your ‘needs’. Going back to a favorite movie of mine, Why Did I Get Married?, written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry, there is an unspoken 80/20 rule that defines a relationship. 80% of the relationship is what you ‘need’, while 20% of the relationship is unavailable with the person you’re with, but is what you ‘want’.

Especially in relationships amongst millennials, the temptation to find that 20% tends to override the 80%, thus leading to the end of the fairy tale. The unfortunate thing is that one person is always left with a degree of pain.

So where does SiR and his video “Tricky” come into play? This song alone expresses an idea that the Inglewood R&B singer may have experienced being on both ends of the stick: the person looking for his 20%, and the person being left for the 20%. In this case, seeing as he avoided double-digit phone calls from Ashley Jones, he may be preventing her from even considering that he could be 80% of what she ‘needs’. In other words, before figuring out the percentages, he wants to stop it altogether to prevent any future hatred towards one another.

Love is indeed tricky. Just be weary of how far you’re willing to go into it.

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