Trevis Romell talks Here Goes Nothing EP, Relationships, Belly Flopping, & More

The other day I was in the car with actor Bryhana Monegain. We share a similar interest in music, so it was easy to play just about any songs from our phones. She unexpectedly plays this hit that follows the feel-good, bass kicking R&B sound that emulates today’s popular radio music. I asked, “who’s this?” Her response was Trevis Romell.
Story | Nico Blitz
Born in Milwaukee, Trevis Romell is an aspiring actor/R&B singer who’s heavily influenced by Rico Love. During this exclusive interview we learn that Trevis breathes R&B, and works with a collective that structures his sound to enforce his dominance in the game. All the things that make Trevis who he is today comes from his go-getter mindset, his love for women and equality, attributes from his grandfather, and injuring, yet hilarious experiences.

Full Audio Interview

Video Preview – Snippet

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