‘Treat Yourself’ to Eric Bellinger’s New Single with Wale

Sometimes in life we get so caught up with our responsibilities, stress, and workload that we forget to simply treat ourselves. Most of the time we are thinking of others around us and figuring out what we can do or buy for them, that we disregard our own feelings and think about what we want. Everyone deserves to be a little selfish sometimes and get rewarded the finer things. Thanks to ‘Treat Yourself’ by Eric Bellinger and Wale, we can be reminded of this every time we listen to this smooth, head-in-the-clouds jam.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

The new single is off of Eric Bellinger’s upcoming project Eric B For President: Term 2. He collaborates again with Wale to create a mesmerizing combination with suave R&B lyrics and witty rhymes in ‘Treat Yourself.’ This song gets you feeling relaxed and your imagination flowing, thinking of all the possible ways that you can treat yourself, whether that means spending money, or doing something that makes you feel content.

Bellinger and Wale make you feel as if you are laying on a tropical island somewhere; debating on buying a new rolex, whip, or going and getting that person you’ve been longing for. The idea behind this song is all about going after what you want and getting it because you deserve it.

As an example, Bellinger and Wale speak about the things that they deserve in which they mention:

I deserve that whip right there/I deserve to pull up to that big house in my main/I deserve that drip right there/Yeah bust down on my rolex, on my chain/Sometimes you gotta treat yourself

Everyone longs for different things in life, material objects, a romantic partner, a new whip to roll around in, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you learn to be selfish every once in awhile and go after what you want.

In the end, this relaxing jam is all about optimism and living your best life. Bellinger himself spoke about inspiration behind the song saying, “When Obama left office, he went jet-skiing on vacation. I’m taking that approach to give a sense of relaxation and chill and positive vibes in light of the new presidency. It’s a dark time, so I wanted to take the opposite approach and make something light and fun.”

Eric B for President: Term 2 drops on March 10th.

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