Tone Stith Wants the “Blame” For the Good Things in a Relationship

I’ve been on this R&B hunt in recent weeks because hip hop just isn’t cutting my satisfaction (minus J. Cole’s KOD of course). Even at Coachella, I was more stoked to watch singers like Daniel Caesar, or capture spoken word from Noname, rather than seeing rap acts who can’t control a crowd without the typical countdown into a drop. With that said, my search for more rhythm and blues post-Coachella led me to a Tone Stith, a Los Angeles-based singer I’ve been following for a while now and he’s got this new record out called “Blame“.

His new single is vibrant and can instantly change your mood. It’s a 90s-like track that talks about being the person to blame in a relationship. Though he doesn’t quite talk about being blamed for anything unethical, he would like to be blamed for causing a smile for instance. He takes the stigma of being blamed for something and injects an optimistic approach to it.

Blame” is definitely something you can sleep to on repeat (so you can subconsciously memorize the words), and wake up to it feeling amazing. Guys, this might be a song you wanna sing to your girl. Ladies, make sure your guy sings this song to you, it’s fire.

Peep more from Tone Stith on his Soundcloud.

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