Token, 18 Year-Old from Boston is Changing the Rap Game for Teens

If you haven’t heard of the 18 year-old rapper from Boston… well that’s not surprising. Although Ben Goldberg, or Token as he goes by on stage, has performed (and killed a 100 bar freestyle) on Sway In The Morning and also just finished a tour with Hopsin, following his gained notoriety from winning multiple battle rap rounds.

Story | Sara Loretta

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Ben Goldberg is an influential rapper for the teen generation based on the content he has produced for his audience. Songs like ‘Exception’ off of his first album Eraser Shavings discusses the problem of peer bullying in high school and the repercussions of those actions, including what happens when you don’t stand up for your friends that you may see being bullied:

“As all heads slowly in sync turned, he pauses / Then pulls a pistol out of his front pocket / The girls screamed, the boys sat there terrified / Nobody expected this but everyone knew the reason why / And before anyone could say something fully / Within seconds, two bullets flew into his bullies…I felt I should say something cause I was the only one who had his back / I said “It’s over Andy, they’re dead! You had your wish!” / He turned to me and said “You? You were the third on my list”.

Token as a young rapper has had the perfect opportunity to grow his personal brand thanks to social media. He understands how to connect with fans, even if that means sharing his darker days. Recently, Token took to his Twitter account to announce that he needed to break away from the Internet and reconnect with himself.

After taking roughly a week hiatus, Token triumphantly returned with a new song and a music video to accompany it. ‘New Problems’ is just the song you would expect from a young artist who has gained national attention for his quick flows in and out of the battle rap ring. Throughout the track, Token discusses the problems that come with being a young creative mind and having a bad manager, “he said he liked it but he wants to edit / So he got a new beat, corny hook and turned it to a pop record / This dude’s tripping / Acting like a baller but now I know that he’s not ’cause he’s treating me like a dollar”:

And the problem with dating girls from the road: “I stopped hitting her up; she started noticing / I was new to it, didn’t realize how deep I was in / Till she sent me snapchats of cuts deep in her skin / Some suicidal shit / Telling me that I’m supposed to be with you so if we’re not together there is no reason why I should live / Now I’m under the table texting her subtly / Praying that this chick don’t kill herself because of me”

Inarguably, Token has been able to project his emotions surrounding his experiences to his audience, and ‘New Problems’ is just the start to Token’s success following his first major tour and Mark Wahlberg claiming Token is his favorite rapper.

You can download Token’s first album for free on his website.

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