The Life of Peder: TLOP 8-minute mega mix


The Life of Peder is an eight-minute mega-mix of Kanye West’s recent The Life of Pablo album, packing and rearranging every song that manages to excite, in its chaotic and fresh new take on the album.

Story: Joshua Chan // @Chanjoshuachan


“If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you” starts off the mix, which reflects “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” on The Life of Pablo, but this time, it does so with a female vocalist and her echo in the background.


The original version of the tag then plays, going into the first part of “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” and its “How can I find you” samples, albeit this time with extra snares and synths that almost sound like pitched up air-horns. It then almost forcefully moves into distorted 808 drums, which Kanye has previously used extensively in 808s and Heartbreak.

It seems to slow down or become faster whenever it wants, almost as the mix does between Lido’s additional flourishes and Kanye’s original instrumentals.

For the most part, TLOP’s original songs are the center point of this album, and additional instrumental components are usually kept to a minimum. The parts that are remixed sometimes recall the sound of earlier Kanye albums like Graduation and 808s and Heartbreak, which is always nice to hear, since those two albums are relatively withheld when talking about Kanye’s discography.


The Life of Peder, similar to its original counterpart, is chaotic and willing to go pretty much anywhere with its sound on its own time. While it does stray from the original album’s sound, it’s not a complete shift in feeling like some electronic remixes of Hip-Hop usually do. (Example: Steve Aoki’s remix of “Pursuit Of Happiness” by Kid Cudi)


Credit: Party Videos | ZM

It’s definitely still worth a listen as a fresh take on The Life of Pablo.

The Life of Peder is available for download at

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