“September 7th” by T.F | A Preview to ErThangSkanless

Los Angeles, or Los Scandalous as some may call it, is a land of opportunities; opportunities to grow and develop, get backstabbed or put down, and even gain or lose out on the upcoming Summer Sixteen Tour featuring Drake and Future. By September 7th, we may know exactly what’s been going on in the life of one up and coming artist known as T.F.

Story | Nico Blitz

The Los Angeles native drops “September 7th”, which is a preview to his upcoming album ErThangSkanless. The Shea Wooten produced track is featured in a black and white video telling the story of the rapper’s everyday livelihood.

The interesting take on the video is the fact it’s in black and white. Look at the current events for example, where police brutality is the face of the media in addition to majority of our country looking at people though racist eyes; seeing black and white as opposed to people united as one.

Black and white film isn’t new to the industry, but this method seems appropriate for T.F’s video considering the media associates this lifestyle with black Americans. Though “September 7th” is far from a political statement, its nonetheless a representation of T.F’s lifestyle and synonymous hoods to his own.

Let’s wait until the Angeleno drops his album ErThangSkanless on September 7th to know exactly what he’s been going through.

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