SOB X RBE’s “Paramedic!” Gets Taped by TDE Affiliate T.F.

What do y’all think of the Black Panther soundtrack? My favorite record off the album is “Paramedic!” by the Bay Area’s rising youngsters SOB x RBE. Sounding like a slapper from their hometown, the record emanates the fun, ecstatic energy found only in the Bay, while the youngsters are able to talk their shit. Travel about 400 miles south and you’ll find Los Angeles’ own T.F. capitalizing on that energy, and revamping the record with his own twist.

Paramedic!” by T.F. takes on the same beat with just a slightly different pitch. Though he isn’t freestyling straight through as he did on his No Hooks EP, the TDE affiliate spits bars worthy of being on the original record itself:

“Fuck a fade, let the mack rock/The paramedic’s where he flat line/Your chip a hitter that’s a jackpot/Rolled up, molly, Percocets, mask off”

T.F.’s debut album ErThangSkanless is slated to release on February 23rd. For more on T.F., check out our interview here.

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