Teenage Rapper Might Serve 10 Years In Prison For Violent Rap Lyrics

Where do we draw the line with rap lyrics? See this teenage rapper/high schooler posted a song on Soundcloud that could give him up to 10 years in prison, but it was timing and more particularly his lyrics that might put him behind bars.

Only 10 days after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, Michael Schmitt — a student who’s expressed anger towards his high school according to its counselors — posted a song that compared himself to El Chapo which included lyrics like “Pull my gun. kill our fuckin’ head / Now you’re dead, go to sleep” with his profile photo that showed him holding a real gun to his head according to police.

His high school was evacuated by a SWAT team and arrested Schmitt for a false public alarm. Schmitt says the school was merely painting him to be a school shooter, but James Caldwell High School argues the arrest was one hundred percent necessary without questioning the credibility of the student and for the sake of protecting students and families.

But this raises the question: where do we draw the line with rap lyrics?

In today’s world where gun violence happens left and right, school shootings are headlines, and rap is the most influential genre in music, when do we hold rappers accountable for violent rap lyrics?

Does a crime actually have to be committed? Or is it right to act in order to protect ourselves from potential violence?

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