TDE releases “Collard Green” Alternative Video


About 2 years ago, TDE superstar Schoolboy Q released his third studio album, Oxymoron. One song in particular, “Collard Greens” ¬†featuring Kendrick Lamar, easily became a club banging, speaker popping single that highlighted the album overall.

Story By: Nico Blitz

Image: Top Dawg, Interscope

The music video was also released 2 years ago, which had a more narcotic, anomalous feel to it.

Present day, TDE surfaces an alternate version of “Collard Greens” directed by Jason Goldwatch, which gives it a more relaxing, easy-going vibe.


Earlier this week we saw Rihanna’s dual “Work” video in which two directors supplied differentiating concepts to how they imagined the Jamaican-sounding ANTI single.

Could that have sparked TDE to release this alternative video for “Collard Greens”? I feel like this dual music video scene may become a trend, and I obviously enjoy it.

This means not only do fans get a taste of two videos, which in turn will influence the way the listener feels when listening to the song, but also it gives a chance for videographers to emerge from the underground.

But let’s take a step back from that and go back to the topic at hand. Which amongst the two videos did you enjoy the most?

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