Taylor Bennett’s ‘Restoration of an American Idol’ is Exactly as it Sounds

As an upcoming artist with a well established relative, standing out on your own comes with its own share of difficulties. But to really break ground as an artist regardless of your family tree, you have to create something astounding. That’s exactly what Taylor Bennett does on his latest project Restoration of an American Idol. With features from Raury, SuperDuperKyle, Lil Yachy, and his brother Chance the Rapper, Taylor shows he can hold his own ground as an artist.

Story | Adam Douglas

Being the younger brother of the triple Grammy award-winning rapper, Taylor can be overshadowed by Chance’s success. For example, Jaden Smith following his father’s pursuits as a rapper, Solange singing alongside Beyonce, or even actor Nicholas Cage taking on a full fledged name change to distance himself from his famous uncle Francis Coppola. Taylor however, humbly acknowledges his brothers success on Restoration of an American Idol, even inviting his brother to feature on the standout track “Grown Up Fairy.”

Restoration of an American Idol takes place after a two year hiatus from his last album Broad Shoulders. Since then, much has happened for the Chicago emcee from opening for Nas at Lollapalooza, coming out to the world as being bisexual, and witnessing his older brother’s rise to stardom. All of this growth can be felt as he traverses from Broad Shoulders to this latest release. Now, Taylor expresses his goal to solidify himself as an artist and update his fans as he raps on the album’s intro:

“This an update, this an interview,
Nothing short but of a miracle, ugh,
I had to show him that I’m not lil’ bro,
I can’t vote for no future that’s frivolous”

The overall tone of Restoration of an American Idol is very laid back and mellow as Taylor approaches each track with a calm demeanor. On a handful of songs Taylor raps much longer than the standard 16 bar verse, and at times hardly pausing for a breath, as displayed in his track “Neon Lights”:

“Mr. Ben ain’t never finished, you can’t miss a call,
Me and Supa Supa sold out SOB’s, New York,
Went from Maggie’s Palace probably sellin’ reggie out the door,
Now I’m thinkin’ bigger – motion pictures, foreign cars”

In time Restoration of an American Idol will go down as one of Taylor’s better projects. There will always be growth in between an artist’s albums and it’s clear Taylor has returned more matured and salted this time around. Unfortunately as the brother of Chance, people will forever draw comparisons to the two, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for both to find success. Right now it feels as if Taylor is least bent on distancing himself from his brother and more focused on creating great music.

Following the Restoration of an American Idol, Taylor Bennett is headlining his first official tour starting this April.

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