Tasha’s #SummerGoals For You | Kiss A Cutie In The Sun

Summertime implies breaks from society – no deadlines, vacations, and euphoric moments with loved ones. However, we know this season, though seems to last forever, will not last forever. Instead of counting the days as they go by, Chicago R&B/Soul artist Tasha advises other ways to get the full effect summer can offer.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Image | Tasha Soundcloud

Tasha’s latest single “In The Sun” radiates messages of summertime beauty, portrayed as lying on the grass, long walks around the lakeshore, and living in a fantasy with a summer love, while putting emphasis on enjoying the present to feel full of life.

In order to release oneself of future tensions, Tasha believes it’s helpful to make the most of what’s now rather than what will be.

“You never realize how small you are until you really take a look at the sky.”

Family love is year round and unapologetic, whereas summer love is seasonal and conditional with emotions derived from spontaneous responses. What might seem like an eternity in love may merely be infatuation blinded by lust.

Summer is bound to end, and these feelings are as temporary as the season itself. So the question is, will you learn to enjoy it for what it is? Or want what’s beyond the day after August 30th?

Tasha’s advice: Kiss a cutie in the sun one time, relax, and vibe with your bae. Take time off when it is overwhelming to truly see summer as a gift.

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