Fresh perspective of love and romance in Tasha’s Divine Love EP


R&B and Soul artist Tasha Viets-VanLear, stylized as Tasha, from Chicago dropped her first EP Divine Love on March 21, 2016. The 5-track EP starts off with symphonized soothing piano chords along with minimal vocals. This quick 58-second intro sets the tone for her album and execution style.

Story: Matthew Gonzalez | @not_matthew

Images: Tasha Instagram | @wowtashawow

“Divine Love” is Tasha’s ideology of self-love. Prema, as mentioned in the second track, is Sanskrit for divine love. The overall theme of the song is practice self-patience, promoting loving one’s own insecurities regardless if it will attract another partner.

“I want a song that’s gonna tell me I can love myself not for the purpose for being better in love with someone else.”


She describes her personal characteristics as magical. She’s learned to respect the positive qualities in life as much as the negatives.

“How you going to win if you ain’t right with them, be gentle on heart and softer on your skin.”

“Snacks” differentiates romantic love and fantasizing on a crush. Love is different than a typical crush and explains that hearing your name from a crush sounds different than anyone else saying your name. She shares that her muse derives from the happiness and joy brought to her by another individual.

“We Got Power” is about vibing together and social unity. The song is about the beauty behind race, humanity, and cultural roots.

“We got power, black power / and we got love / Make us hate each other making us hate ourselves / Can’t take away love and creativity”

The Outro is an outside voice that thanks Tasha for making music that is relatable. She went on to state that the EP had given her energy by vividly expressing the value of life, love and bravery and hopes that others can hear this through Tasha’s music.


The EP is amazing considering that this is only a 5-piece collection. It’s strong enough to hold itself compared to that of a full album with only one lead single. When listening you can hear the quality effort that went into the making compared to that of a ‘flop’ album.

The album art looks like a cartoon illustration of her posing with divine love tattooed on her stomach. I believe the cover represents how she views herself; noticing the flaws and imperfections but accepting to show herself to others. It is also symbolic to how she views love: a relaxed icon that can only happen if you are fully conscious of yourself.

The fact that the album cuts off her lower body and strays away from her lower half strives away from becoming another sex symbol, and suggests to take her for who she is and not what she has to offer sexually.


Divine Love EP is available on Bandcamp.

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