Syd Teases New Album, Tour Dates for ‘Always Never Home’

I’m always never home, and apparently the same goes for Syd.

Earlier today, I sat at my work station, binge watching old episodes of Loiter Squad, the outrageously entertaining, live-action, sketch comedy show that stars Odd Future members Tyler the Creator, Taco, and Jasper, and other special guests. At the end of one episode, I found myself doing a double take as I spotted Syd Tha Kyd, DJing a Tyler set at the House of Blues, acting as a hype (wo)man for the Hip Hop set. Nowadays, you’ll often see her brother, Taco, in that role, in control and getting the crowds hyped.

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Image | Syd via Twitter

Fast forward 5 years from that performance, and Syd Tha Kyd has moved from the back of the DJ table, to front and center, as lead singer for The Internet and one of R&B’s definitive female vocalists today. Her highly successful and talked-about debut album, Fin, just reached its half-year mark, but we don’t have to wait much longer for new music because she just announced a secret project brewing. Always Never Home is slated to release on September 8th.

Recorded fresh from her home studio in Los Angeles, she treated us this week with the project’s lead track, “Bad Dream/No Looking Back” – the type of song that you would expect from Syd, and easily could have been added to a deluxe version of Fin. It’s sensual, melodic and vibey.

Syd’s music exudes sex, and sets the mood for whatever the night entails, and Fin is a guaranteed testament to that. Gay, straight, whatever, you can’t deny that Syd is having lyrical foreplay with your mind, sent directly through your ears. Her music isn’t your typical sex playlist, but more so a low-key approach to feeling somebody, showing interest and getting down to business.

She’s sly, sensual, silky and smooth, and far from the typical, in your face move of, “I’m gonna go into the club and find me a bad bitch to fuck.’’ Instead, her appeal and approach lies in something completely different, which makes her music just as attractive, and her to standout and shine on her own.

Catch Syd at Camp Flog Gnaw (October 28-29) at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The Internet’s lead singer also announced dates for her Always Never Home Tour. Based on the packed house for her first solo performance at Resident DTLA, once the tickets are gone, there’s no looking back.

Always Never Home Tour Syd - The Lunch Table
Always Never Home Tour – Syd

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