The Internet’s Syd Drops “All About Me”, Set to Release Fin Early February

The Internet fans are familiar with the lead singer’s entrancing voice along with their neo-soul sounds, but this time around Syd says, it’s “All About Me,” but hold up before you start thinking that The Internet is no more.

Story |  Jasmine Sabagquit

The lead single off her highly anticipated solo album, Fin, features a mysterious melody and heavy base, that compliments the sultry vocals of the LA-songstress, with fellow member Steve Lacy producing the track. In the video, members of The Internet & Odd Future reunite, reassuring fans and solidifying the strong, family bond that Syd shares with her crew. In the song she sings:

“Take care of the family that you came with.
We made it this far and it’s amazing.
People drowning all around me, so I keep my squad around me. Keep it in the family that you came with.”

Just like keeping her fam closest to her, Syd sports Fin across the left side of her chest, probably symbolic of what this first solo project means to her.

One thing that has always set Syd apart from other female musical artists, is her authenticity and ability to keep it real, on her terms.

“You seek answers to questions ‘bout me. It’s in my music. You preach ‘bout revolution and dreams. I really do this. I lead by my example. I see fame as a nuisance. I don’t take it for granted but god dammit, sometimes I can’t stand it.”

We can’t wait to see what this first album is all about. What we do know, is that all eyes are on Syd, as she is set to release Fin, on February 3.

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