Lion Babe Recreates Classical Hip Hop Favorites on Summer Joint EP

The Brooklyn Neo-Soul duo Lion Babe, composed of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, bring in Junglepussy, Angel Haze and Raury to on their new EP Sun Joint.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

On Lion Babe’s summer love sensation Sun Joint, they reference Isley Brothers, Notorious B.I.G., Sean Paul and more to link the sensation of love and romance to sexual pleasure.


For example, they recreate “I’m Still In Love With You” by Sean Paul featuring Sasha on their track “Still In Love”.

Junglepussy adds her own sexual innuendos to intensify the obsession of still being in love, where it feels uncomfortable to those outside the relationship.

“The one you want to keep in your bedroom/The one you want to cuddle with on a full moon/ The neighbors are going to know me when I come through / your mother is going to hate how much I love you”

Lion Babe also remixes their popular single Jungle Lady on 2 tracks: “Jungle Lady Remix Part 1” featuring Raury, and “Jungle Lady Remix Part 2” featuring Angel Haze.

Raury references Tarzan, explaining every relationship will have external problems — the lions, tigers and bears of a relationship — but maintaining the relationship is dependent on the values of the people in it.

“Not even lions and tigers and bears can keep her off him / Naked now she lets her hair down she found her Tarzan”

On the sequel to the “Jungle Lady Remix”, Angel Haze spits bars on a Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa”.

“And I’m good with the head like I’m fuckin’ Socrates”

Quickly, the second half of the song switches to an Isley Brothers sample, describing that sex with passion showcases real love.

“I think fucking’s only good if it’s with passion
If you gon’ ride, gotta ride ’til it crashes
Lookin’ for a real love, fuckin’ if it’s blast
I think to be honest I’m lookin’ for truth”

Sun Joint embodies summertime love and the carefree attitude that comes along with it. The overall theme of the album is the same message within her popular single “Treat Me Like Fire” – relationships can be dangerous, touching, can attack a problem directly or can cause more problems. However, if you allow the fire to grow you might find yourself staring at something beautiful and natural.

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