Joey BadA$$ and Chuck Strangers Declare Lyrical War on “Style Wars”

The dynamic duo from PROERA Records, Chuck Strangers and Joey BadA$$ are at it again. Released from Strangers’ upcoming album, Consumers Park (March 16th), “Style Wars is a declaration of lyrical war between pop-inspired rappers and the historically beautiful, conscious rappers.

First, you should know that Strangers is heavily responsible for Joey BadA$$’ success, as he produced the 1999 Mixtape back in 2012. Since joining the industry, the team at PROERA is focused on delivering content that is about the people and focused on making an impact on said individuals, while paying tribute to those who walked the streets of the Bronx prior. And sometimes in order to maintain the level of respect for those artists, you have to call the bluffs in a verse, “n***as claim they the best when Rakim still breathin’”, and light “one up for Tupac, ‘cuz this is murder rap”.

Murder rap, a popular song by Above The Law, and now a documentary title for Biggie and Pac’s deaths, is instead used as a way to explain killing fake lyricism from new rappers Strangers and BadA$$ don’t believe are real artists.

Enter BadA$$. “Style Wars gave him another chance to defend his crown within the lyrical kingdom. But does Joey really need to stand his ground and declare war once again on rappers who don’t want to produce insightful music? He states,

“Style wars, it ain’t even about the bars no more. Ni***s just showboat, but really they got no flow. Mainstream sailing, gently down the stream. Flopping out the water for a dolla and a scheme.”

And sure, artists should have a little more backbone when it comes to becoming successful – but we all have to start somewhere.

Strangers and BadA$$ are helping to hold down the OG Fort that is New York – there’s no argument there. OG Hip Hop is just that though, hip hop, and there is a real divide now between that and rap music. Joey has even interviewed about using correct terminology for rappers, whether we call it trap, rap, etc. and as listeners we owe artists that much to respect the chosen style of Jaden Smith or Lil Pump. But BadA$$ is controversial in his verse on “Style Wars if he is trying to make all rappers (regardless of sub-genre) push themselves to be more than a pop-inspired rapper *queue “Look Alive“.

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