YG’s “Still Brazy” Raises Political Awareness

Still Brazy uses YG’s paranoia of being racially persecuted and links his personal life stories to a political discussion. The album starts off with an incident where he was shot with no knowledge of who committed the crime, to later discussions of how police get away with murder.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

YG describes instances of police brutality, racial profiling and his viewpoint on the government’s failing security. He mentions how the hood is affected by recession and theft is more common than usual on his track “Don’t Come to LA”

On YG’s last three songs on the mixtape he switches gears and describes his viewpoint of what’s wrong with society.

He urges his listeners to take a political standpoint with the upcoming presidential election with his song  “FDT” (Fuck Donald Trump) – a diss to republican nominee Donald Trump. New York Times classified it as being “the first protest song of this insurgent election season.”

On “Blacks and Brown” he describes the public education system and institutionalized racism that hold minorities back in America, along with with Chicano rapper Sad Boy. He describes the occurrence of black on black crime – instances where communities should fight to have unity against society’s oppression, but instead choose to fight each other instead.

On “Police Get Away With Murder” YG describes a relationship between the government authority and victims. The Bompton rapper reiterates his message of racial unity with a recital of unarmed police killings and his definition of racial hostility.   

With the next presidential campaign having major influence over low income communities YG emphasizes to stay politically motivated; even the gangstas.

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