All Aboard the Steph Curry Bandwagon


Bandwagons for sports teams are probably some of the most annoying people on the planet, especially to the day one fans.

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

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Through adversity, hard work and determination of their squad, a loyal fan base will eternally pay their respects throughout the cycle of being championship contenders to the lowest of the low.

Wardell Stephen Curry has gotten a lot of the limelight in all aspects of the media. Aside from the NBA, the league MVP and World Champion has become the face of Under Armour, Express Men, and Degree to name a few. However, with an overwhelming amount of attention comes people who wish to begin, or even revive their careers by using the stardom that Curry has accomplished for himself.

Enter Soulja Boy.


To this day and age, his fan base may not be the same as the viral Crank Dat Era, yet he continues to provide the world with an array of music that shouldn’t exist.

When using lyrics such as:

“We made it, all we had to do was be some patience” or even “Congratulations my boys”, he’s putting up a facade of loyalty from prior to the Dubs’ championship accolades. In other words, he’s trying to convince us he was a fan before the Cavaliers locker room smelled like champagne.



Soulja Boy is from the same city as Kanye West, Common, and Lupe Fiasco. Where’s his love for his Chi-Town Bulls?



There it is. This might solidify Soulja Boy’s Bull City love. But since the Bulls are not the reigning NBA Champions, he may be giving his energy to the Dub Nation.

To dig deeper into this conversation, let’s ask ourselves; why is using someone’s name becoming acceptable for personal exposure?

Some might say Drake can be categorized as one of these bandwagon Dubs fans.


Yes, he might be Steph Curry with the shot. Yes, he’ll be at a Warriors game on occasion, and yes, Drake does have his junk food moments with the power couple of 2015.


However, he’ll still rep his Toronto Raptors to his fullest extent.


I’m probably as lost as you all are to comprehend who’s sports team a celebrity may be hyping up for their own name. Or quite possibly, they might have been a closet day one fan and decided to open up the doors.

Soulja Boy. Drake. Bandwagons. Where do you place them?

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