‘Step Back’ Exhibits the Transformation of AG to Adrian Gamboa

Taking a step back from your passion for even one second is the most difficult thing to do in life. For me every second without hip-hop, writing, or just flat out creating content makes me feel like I’m one hundred steps behind from where I could have been. But conversations with mentors led me to believe that unwinding for that one second can put me one hundred steps ahead of where I could have been. This belief was the first thing that came to mind when I listened to Adrian Gamboa‘s latest track ‘Step Back.’

Story | Nico Blitz

‘Step Back’ exhibits the transformation of AG – the Riverside rapper who self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered his debut mixtape Castles in the Sky – to Adrian Gamboa. The simple name change depicts his growth from AG, exemplified by his new sound. He’s found a way to manipulate contemporary hip-hop’s favored dark instrumentals, while implementing his signature drum kits and funkadelic horns.

What attracted me to Adrian’s sound initially were his aforementioned signature sounds. However, ‘Step Back’ is more aggressive than his previous work, which implies that he’s ready to step back from being the ‘You’ rapper, meaning you should too.

Castles in the Sky was a younger version of me,” Adrian said. “I’m still experimenting a lot with music, but I’m having more fun coming up with sounds as a producer now. I definitely know what my style is like, more so now then back then, but lately I’ve been wanting to showcase a wider variety of sounds.”

I think that many artists get in a funk, where they’re trying to beat themselves; their former selves who made an amazing song long ago. Essentially, these new variations in his sound proves that he’s not peaked after his hit single ‘You’ and it’s like he’s asking his fans to evolve with him.

‘Step Back’ is a sample of what his upcoming project will more or less sound like. As of right now there’s no release date, but rest assured he’s cooking up something different than Castles in the Sky.

“There will definitely be songs in the future that will catch people by surprise. Aside from that, this next project will showcase a more mature version of me and make more sense musically, but at the same time I’ll continue to experiment and step out of the usual stuff I’ve made.”

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