Nico Blitz Triunfante - The Lunch Table

Nico Blitz

Nico Triunfante. Hyphy, so sad got no class.
Jasmine Sabagquit - The Lunch Table

Jasmine Sabagquit

Public Relations/Feature Coordinator
Matthew Gonzalez - The Lunch Table

Matthew Gonzalez

I used to always want a lunch snack, but now people call themselves one.
Taylor Preza - The Lunch Table

Taylor Preza

Multimedia Producer
Good Food + Great Music = Life
Sara Loretta

Sara Loretta

Staff Writer - Historian
I don't care that guac is extra.

Angie M Says

Social Media Manager
My advice; listen to 'To Pimp A Butterfly' on vinyl and let it change your life for the better.
Cara Gonzales

Cara Gonzales

doing what makes me happy or sum liket that