Alyssa Marie Rips Outkast’s ‘Spottieottiedopalicious’ Beat

With the beat suggested by Dominic Harding on Alyssa Marie’s Facebook page, the Brockton rapper lays bars on Outkast’s classic beat ‘Spottieottiedopalicious.’ The track derives from the duo’s 1998 project Aquemini.

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The storytelling between the two eras is the differentiating factor between Alyssa Marie‘s remix and Outkast’s classic. Genius defines ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’ as:

Pimps, then aliens, but by Aquemini– Outkast’s third and arguably best LP– Andre 3000 and Big Boi had evolved into master conversationalists.

And no track in their discography feels so much like a late-night ridearound with a couple ultra-nostalgic old friends like the slowpoke chatterbox soul of ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’.

However, the Louder Than Words rapper switches up the late-night ridearound story into the story of Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States. She tackles the actions introduced by President Trump, and in particular, creates a metaphor for the “wall” he plans to build around the United States:

“Please don’t tell Mr. President, but inside of my soul is aching/He’ll never build a wall tall enough to keep my mind from escaping”

Especially in times like these where it seems like the United States is in a chaotic state, it’s important that we stay educated on social and political issues across the nation. I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago, and we came to the conclusion that this generation is more ‘woke’ than ever before. It’s because of the killing sprees of 2016, the recent inauguration of Donald Trump into the White House, and even by the food we eat and what they’re composed of, that us Millennials have forced ourselves to become more aware of our surroundings.

So when hip-hop’s greats share their humanity by confessing that they are effected by the same social issues, it allows us listeners to relate to, and enjoy their music more.

Alyssa is still building momentum off her 2016 project Louder Than Words, and looks to continue accepting instrumental suggestions on Facebook.

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