SpiffyUNO Showcases “Undeniable” Rhyming Repertoire in latest single

Mr. South Central keeps his Freestyle Fridays going with his latest music video installment “Undeniable”. SpiffyUNO switches the instrumentation on this track by working on a mellow, less bass and snare heavy beat produced by Sounds by Krock, but maintains his fierce style. Essentially, it’s a standout song amongst his Freestyle Fridays series that showcases his ability to rap on any track and still make sense.

Story | Nico Blitz

What makes this track a standout is his fun lyricism that relates to his homegrown lifestyle. For instance, he sparks a couple bars that follows an ad lib rhyme scheme regarding Will Smith and Bad Boys II, and relates it to gun shots in South Central:

“Don’t say they won’t, cus they will/My niggas stay with the smith, yeah they some bad boys too/These niggas stay with the clips”

He then integrates more entertainment from there. The South Central rapper convincingly leaves the video after 32 bars, only to come back and end the verse with a bang. It’s undeniable that this technique is reminiscent on Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 “Black Friday” freestyle, yet knowing how effective it was for K. Dot shows that SpiffyUNO knows what works well in Hip Hop.

Builders International is working hard to push their young talent far surpassed any first year projections. Stay tuned for more on SpiffyUNO.

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