SpiffyUNO for President | Demanding A Recount for His 2016 Candidacy

Within a week of post-presidential elections, SpiffyUNO, like majority of the nation, is not a fan of the outcome. Demanding a recount for his independent party, the Builders International rapper solidifies his stance on President-Elect Donald Trump in his latest track “SpiffyUNO for President”.

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Sampling from Eric B. and Rakim’s 1987 project Paid In Full, beatmaker SoundsByKrock integrates recognizable sounds from “Eric B. for President”, “Paid In Full”, and “I Ain’t No Joke”. The three samples are easily blended together to give a nostalgic setting to SpiffyUNO’s 2016 recreation.

Based off the samples alone, one thing SpiffyUNO makes crystal clear is his motivation to prove he’s the next best thing. Add impeccable lyricism and similes, it becomes difficult to deny the dictionary built in the South Central rapper’s head:

“I’m the L.A. Nas, and no I can’t waste time with all them fake play rhymes/My mind is on Akon/Yeah that mean I’m bout to black out and spazz out and pick your sister up from you dad’s house and smash out”

Although making a legit run for President of the United States doesn’t seem realistic, he’s conjured enough skills to make a run for presidency in Hip Hop.

But like all who work to be crowned the king of Hip Hop, it takes plentiful campaigning and tremendous drive in the game that’s just as ruthless as the recent protests.

In other words, this freestyle alone isn’t enough to convince the world that SpiffyUNO is the one, but it’s one step closer toward fortifying his name and raising the bar for what’s next to come.

“And now we can’t work it out like I don’t like fitness/I’ll forever have bars, nigga that’s a life sentence”

Sources at Builders International confirm that SpiffyUNO will be dropping a freestyle track every week until his debut project South Central makes its run into the country.

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