Behind the Scenes with SpiffyUNO, Preview to South Central LP

Builders Music Group recently announced SpiffyUNO‘s long-awaited debut album South Central LP is set to release later this month. Keeping this in mind, I spent one afternoon at BMG Studios LA to grab b-roll footage for our upcoming interview. During the process, Spiffy couldn’t wait to show me the album and decided to play me some tracks he felt would resonate with a vast majority, which included ‘Jezebel,’ ‘South Central’ featuring Glasses Malone, and ‘LA Streets’ featuring Dem Jointz & Alia Zin.

Story | Nico Blitz

Two hours had passed by and I decided to look at the footage. Turns out I took enough footage to burn out the battery and max out a 32GB SanDisk. Go figure. I couldn’t possibly use everything for the upcoming interview and I even had extra footage from their videographer Niffty Ur Cool. The only possible solution was to show the world what goes on behind the scenes. There’s plenty of seriousness that comes to my interviews, but here’s something that breaks the intensity of the interview that shows how animated SpiffyUNO really is.

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