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One of the dopest DJs I know lurks around Los Angeles. From the streets to the clubs, lounges, and the other countless events across the City of Angels, you haven’t heard a sick ass set if Sophenom wasn’t kicking flava in ya ear.


Sophia Biggs aka Sophenom is that DJ you need to know. As a PRISM DJ and a member of Power 106’s Flava Unit, she runs the streets of Los Angeles with two turntables, a mixer, and an unforgettable style that urges you to see her perform over and over again. Though her foundation is built on drum and bass music, she an open format DJ who specializes in hip hop.

As a woman in music, she’s found that her most difficult moments come from competition. Not necessarily competition between herself and another DJ (because she’s that good), but the fact that we’re in a world that’s basically ran like a coliseum.

Think about it. From day one our heads are embedded with this idea that we need to be better than the next person in order to succeed. We’re accustomed to doing anything to get a position the person right next to you could be just as qualified.

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So think about when there’s a scarcity of women in music, and for those who are in, they become victims of objectification. It becomes that much more difficult to trust the woman to your left or right. The system is set up to break women apart and men in the hierarchy.

Sophia diverts her energy away from this senseless competition and uses it to unite. As a promoter and lover for all music lovers, she’s one to share every single moment of happiness that comes her way on her Instagram. From spinning at Jordan Brand events, bars and lounges, meeting some of her favorite rappers, and showing off family, friends and kids getting down to music, she’s the person who loves to show love.

That’s what this world needs. If we leaned to show more love to each other then women wouldn’t be placed in a category that separates them from men, and they wouldn’t be in a strict competition amongst themselves. At that point we’ll see our goals accomplished more easily, new accolades ahead seem more doable, and unity between all men and women will create an atmosphere more suitable for the world.

Take Sophia’s word that “we’ll be able to get past the fact that, ‘I’m a woman, she’s a woman’, and we’ll be able to focus on our tasks and our mission in this culture,” once we start showing more love to one another.

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