Creep into Something New – TLC vs. Zendaya


It’s always a struggle for producers to get clearance for samples and reproducing oldies that put you back in your old shoes, but when it comes to Zendaya and Chris Brown the laces were easily tied.

Story By: Nico “Blitz” Triunfante

Image: Hollywood Records, Republic Records

The Oakland Native and Disney Superstar recently released a new single with Chris Brown called “Something New”. Aside from both singers’ filtered voices and a somewhat catchy chorus, the title of the song is ironic since the instrumental takes from TLC’s “Creep”, not to mention the famous ad lib that Chris Brown [poorly] mimicked.

Yzzy Gonzalez and I went around Cal State LA to find out which of the two songs people preferred over the other.


For all the CrazySexyCool 80s and 90s folks, I’m sure you can attest that TLC original has an undying flavor to it that can never be replaced.



Zendaya and Chris Brown did a good attempt at reviving the hit. But the question remains: which of the two do you prefer?

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