Best #SoGoneChallenge (Part 3), feat. Monica, Andy Mineo, Kevin Hart + MORE

The Twitter community is always looking for the next viral sensation, and it seems like they’ve found it in the #SoGoneChallenge. For the past couple of days, Twitter users have been recording and posting their own renditions of singer Monica’s 2003 hit “So Gone”, produced by Hip Hop legend Missy Elliot.

Story | Ricky Rodas

Chi-Town’s very own Chance the Rapper brought some shine to the challenge by spitting some heartfelt rhymes dedicated to his girlfriend, who was filming the serenade. (For all my guys out there: step your relationship game up.) Chance may have set the bar ridiculously high, but here are some entries that definitely have the legs to clear the hurdle.
Entry 1: Darius Miller

Entry 2: Monica

Entry 3: Andy Mineo

Entry 4: Kevin Hart

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