Atlanta Rapper Kelechi Looking “So Far Gone” to His Oppositions

Sampling is a skill in Hip Hop that enables the producer to exemplify their creativity on a song. For the listeners, it takes us to a nostalgic era in our lives, but with updated emotions portrayed in the lyrics given to us by the artists willing to go through the sampling cycle. Atlanta prospects Kelechi and Phay team up to bring back the 2009 Drake with a homegrown twist.

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“So Far Gone” pays homage to Drake’s “November 18th”, which also uses the beat of DJ Screw’s “June 27th”. Under the record label Royal X, this track features stories regarding the accolades the two artists have accomplished in recent time, including Kelechi’s tour to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

It seems the Stndrd rapper built a larger fan base while on tour. Though his rap style has been aggressively clever in his previous tracks, its no question he utilized the more melodic beat of “So Far Gone” to create an outstanding punchline that tells others artists to step their game up.

These rappers scared of me but they passive and less aggressive/While I’m attempting to stay out of they ex’s mentions/Ain’t no way you got enough bars to get reception/So I can’t even take offense that you don’t get the message

This is a photo of me with a poorly positioned ponytail. @skramdidit took it.

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In order to capitalize on his momentum from this recent tours, Kelechi is actually planning to be in Chicago tomorrow at noon for a music video shoot. Like all the Hip Hop greats who see sampling as a creative tool to attract an audience, Kelechi sees that expanding his audience to Chicago will be nothing short of beneficial. Stay tuned for more on the Atlanta prospect.


Hey Chicago Illinois. This Saturday we’re doing a thing. It’ll be fun. Tell friends.

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