“Snapchat me that P***y”?


The beat knocks and the hook is catchy, and the song makes the two-step look extra fancy, but does anyone else even care that this song is just ridiculous?

Story By: Amanda Del Mar

Image: Datpiff



Credit: youtube.com/MrHDMixTapes

What exactly goes “Down in the DM?” Is that something to be proud of and celebrate? Do I even want to know? “Hey girl, your man doesn’t know this, but send me photos of your vagina. I’ll send you photos of myself, but don’t screenshot. This D is for your eyes only.”

The culture of music has changed and is evolving. Get a mediocre beat, throw on a catchy hook and A-B-C rap on a verse or two, and before you know it, you’ve got a quick “hit” that matches the times.

I wouldn’t say skills put Gotti back on the rap radar, but I will give him some props for using the fuel behind the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram and DM sliding to become one of radio’s current hits.


Why is it that these songs are mainstream favorites, while quality songs and development are overshadowed? Is this a reflection of the times? Are today’s “music-lovers” only looking for that quick hit, and have no idea what a well-structured, quality song consists of?

My thought: In a world of quick fixes, and the world at your fingertips, there’s no want to listen and dissect what quality music is. Instead, a quick “slide” does the job.

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