“Screenshots” by Micah Banks Reveals Lack of Privacy in Social Media

Social media has become increasingly prevalent in this generation. There is a constant need to stand out, whether that means taking the best selfie, getting the most likes, or even just gaining the most followers. What we forget to talk about is the invasion of privacy that stems from social media on certain apps, such as Snapchat. The fact that we can take screenshots of things that people send to us is discomforting. Micah Banks dropped his newest song “Screenshots” which further justifies this idea.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Micah Banks dropped a new banger called “Screenshots”. The Hawai’i rapper/radio host collaborated with some of HBK gang’s dopest rappers: P-Lo, Kool John, Tailz and Mike Dashe to make this song the ultimate club jam. The Papi Figgs x Lavengers produced song and video is about all of our favorite subjects – Snapchat, screenshots, and hookups. Listen to it for its groove and laugh at the lyrics because you know you’ve been there.

After listening to this song, it becomes clear that Micah Banks addresses the idea that Snapchat and other forms of social media are making it easier to invade others’ privacy, thanks to screenshots.

In the video, Banks is busy in the studio when the girl that wants his company uses social media to serve her best looks in just one small snap to capture his attention.  Thanks to filters, lighting, and the fact that snaps disappears after ten seconds is appealing to our generation like it is to Banks in the video.

However, screenshotting has become a popular way to interfere with someone else’s privacy. In the song, Banks and the HBK gang repeatedly say:

“Screenshots in the group chat, we got your news in the group chat”

After he screenshots pictures the girl sends to him over Snapchat, little does she know, he sends them to all his boys as well. Once your pictures are screenshotted, there’s no going back.

Screenshots by Micah Banks

This is a common occurrence that happens in our everyday lives, most people send photos and messages without thinking that someone is going to screenshot it and send it to others. Unfortunately that is just the reality us millennials have to live with sometimes. Be cautious of who you’re sending snapchats and personal info to!

If you want to hear more of Micah Banks, his views, and his music, make sure to check out his radio show on Power 104.3, Hawaii’s hit music channel.

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