SC Freestyles | SpiffyUNO’s Prequel to Debut LP South Central

Builders International is ready to unravel South Central Los Angeles’ next best rap artist. Mr. South Central, better known by his stage name SpiffyUNO, comes with a Southern California swagger, lyrical dictionary, and a snippet of his life experiences in his EP SC Freestyles.

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SC Freestyles is a prequel to his debut project South Central. Beginning with “MKUNO”, SpiffyUNO displays his lyrical repertoire by referencing various Mortal Kombat characters and relating them to his style.

The 7-track EP of freestyles also features BMG rapper JaiRO, where the two join forces as a Jay-Z/Kanye West meets Jadakiss/Styles P combination. However, even without his partner-in-crime, SpiffyUNO tells us one thing: he’s ready to start the era post-Ice Cube, as the rapper becoming the biggest name to come out of South Central.

He’s spoken to us on his track “Undeniable” that he’s a Christian, which already sets the bar pretty high for his outspokenness. Of course he’s not a Christian rapper, but the stigma still sticks to those who wish to be open about it. The fact he opens up about his faith tells us, that although his sound recalls 90s gangsta rap, his lyrics tell us of a story far beyond the scope of gang banging.

“I come from a city where it’s all about the blue faces/Where you grab a gun before you tie your own shoelaces/Knock, knock then niggas flock, the whole room vacant/Real niggas never satisfied till they crew make it”

SpiffyUNO is a man of faith surrounded by a life of gang banging, which brings us to the conclusion that his debut LP South Central will be comprised of a complex, unprecedented sound in Hip Hop. No release dates are available for his debut LP, but rest assured SC Freestyles is enough to suffice your hunger for more from the South Central rap artist.

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