Chance The Rapper Invokes Emotions of Growing up in ‘Same Drugs’

As you get older it becomes harder to stay in touch with people from your past. Everyone starts finding their place in the world, doing their own things, and living their own lives. At some point you start realizing that things are different and you notice your friends become their own people and experiencing life on their own. During the process of spreading your wings and figuring yourself out, it becomes harder to live in the moment and enjoy being a child. Chance the Rapper exemplifies this idea in his song and video for ‘Same Drugs.’

Story | Shealene Sakacs

In the somber and melodic video ‘Same Drugs,’ directed by Jake Schreier, combines a mixture of childhood and adulthood put together. Chance the Rapper released this new video live on Facebook, where he is seen playing a piano with a muppet laying on his shoulder for a crowd of some sort. He starts off by reminiscing on his past and growing up, he sings, “When did you change?” “Wendy, you’ve aged/ I thought you’d never grow up.” He reflects on a relationship with a girl from his past who he used to have much in common with, and is now noticing that they don’t share the same interests in life as they once did.

Throughout the song, Chance looks back at his past and examines what it was like growing up with this friend he once knew everything about, to later knowing nothing about her. The rapper is known for taking a more joyful approach to his music videos, but “Same Drugs” takes to more seriousness to the Chicago native’s feelings.

A light drizzle sprinkles down on Chance after he spends time reflecting on his life with the muppet by his side. He gets up and walks off set, which happens to be ran completely by other muppets. Interestingly the muppets relate to his childhood as well as many others. The correlation between the muppets and reflecting on the past makes for a more in depth storyline that we can all follow along with.

Coloring Book has created this idea in people’s minds that “Same Drugs” is about drugs. However, some are completely missing the deeper meaning behind it, as explained by Chance.

Simply, he’s reflecting on people who once meant a lot to him, realizing he missed out on his childhood and experiences that he can never get back. At the end of his dramatic performance he sings over and over “we don’t do the same drugs no more.” In the end, life happens and you can’t go back no matter how much you wish you could.

After all of Chance’s success in 2016, he continues to build momentum into the new year. Coloring Book is nominated for Best Rap Album, Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Performance for the upcoming Grammys.

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