Saika Portrays Relationships as Black and White on “U Deserve Better”

We live in a time where hip hop is dark, as supplemented by low toned beats and sad lyrics. Though many may not admit to the sadness that strikes their lives, Los Angeles rapper and singer Saika isn’t afraid to pour her heart out on her track “U Deserve Better”.

Story | Nico Blitz

Serving as a confession for her lack of love towards her current lover, “U Deserve Better” concedes her inability to give her all in the relationship. The music video perfectly compliments the simplicity of her message, black and white.

I read that love never fails, so if any past or current relationship fails it was never love to begin with. We get caught up in the fantasy, enough to force us to change ourselves and adjust to our partner’s liking. Saika’s lyrics tells us this experience, through the eyes of her lover, does indeed lead to a self-denying dark hole:

“He’s asking ‘do you love me?’/He’s asking if I feel the same/He’s asking ‘do you want me?’/He’s asking if he’s on my brain/He’s asking all the questions that he already knows the answers to/He want me to lie, but he already knows the truth”

Unfortunately, people afflicted with this problem only see the truth when the break up actually occurs.

Essentially, “U Deserve Better” is advice to those who feel like they’re stuck in a relationship but don’t know how to get out of it. It’s not easy to leave a relationship, especially with someone you’ve built the foundation with for so long, but it’s healthier for the both of you. Learn to live your life and appreciate everything that you can make for yourself.

It makes for a successful future, and partaking in self-construction helps your future relationship foster from the time off.

For more on Saika, visit her website.

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