SABII’s Record “Kool-Aid Man” Will Make You Scream “OH YEAH!”

“OH YEAH!” If you’re a 90’s child I’m sure you read that in the Kool-Aid Man’s voice. One of the most iconic animated figures of that time can’t seem to dissipate from our memories. The joyous red drink became the catalyst to SABII‘s latest single “Kool-Aid Man“; a 2-minute single of straight bars from the Texas-based rapper.

Coming off his remix to Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself”, SABII stands as Tanglewood’s lone rapper who pushes optimism, good vibes, and a little bit of old school hip hop in his music.┬áIf you like bobbing your head and subtle punchlines, “Kool-Aid Man” is that record to satisfy those needs. The record isn’t situated with a saturated instrumental, making SABII’s lyrics and punchlines that much more understandable.

“Ain’t no nigga really lit like us / Hand on the dagger but I can’t get cut”

Check out “Kool-Aid Man” below:

SABII hasn’t teased about an upcoming album, however we will keep you in the loop ASAP.

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